Widgets embedded on the websites and blogs are on the rise. These innovative widgets render a new attractive appeal to your site. SpringWidgets is an online platform that offers numerous widgets for upload. They not only offer creative widgets for websites but also for your system’s desktop. Once you visit the site, you will be introduced to ten different categories in widgets. Choose the best one for your site or desktop. Press “Download” and place the widget to your desktop with a single click.

Once you install this application on your system, the SpringWidgets Engine will pop out latest widgets from various sites. The pop out will be in form of a green button. If you wish to download the widget, click on it, else, simply ignore it. With these widgets you can easily get updated on time without wasting much time on searching for your system’s clock. You can easily drag these widgets and locate them at any part of the desktop. In addition, you can also open various versions of the same widget while you continue working.

This application offers several other utilities as well. With SpringWidgets you can easily create RSS feeder bearing numerous feeds. You can generate innovative and attractive badges for your profiles on social networking sites like Bebo, Facebook, and MySpace. At the moment, this application has a total of 19 widgets under ten different categories. These categories range from blog profiles, to business, to time and date, seasonal, sports, search, news feeds, music, FIMLabs and fun and games.

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