As we all know, Microsoft products are priced very high, but at the same time, are filled with programs, and also new products are being introduced year after year. MS Office can be considered as yet another costly product from the MS house, ranging anywhere from150-500 $, based on its edition.

Like all other MS products, this too has its free supplement. Even if they do not contain all of the MS Office original features, they do carry adequate features so as to perform the same tasks as MS Office and they are absolutely free to download!



This is a famous Open Source Office Supplement which takes care of most of your work, which the MS Office Edition does. It can be utilized for word processing package, text editing, export files to other formats like swf files, create presentations etc. Open Office even provides Add-ons to enrich the features of the products based o its users needs. This can therefore be a highly sought after supplement!


Look at Plus Office, one more addition to the list of MS Office supplements, which is very much similar to Open Office. This assists in your drawing vectors, makes high standard presentations, opens and edits spread sheets files. You will be pleased to learn that Plus Office as simple easy to handle interface, and lets you Save file format to PDF Extensions. What’s more, you are free to use this license [free of cost] with any number of computers, whether for yourself or for any business.


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