Strategy oriented games are one of the most popular picks by game freaks. They are most preferred for their sheer intellectual boosts and encouragement. They make people think and push them to utilize their intelligence beyond their capacity. Often, such games are recommended for teen-agers to help them sharpen their intellect. One of the most popular series in strategy oriented games is Dice Wars. Every move in this game makes you think and formulate strategies. If you play your moves unmindfully, you will get disqualified within no time.

Dice Wars is a math based game wherein the player has to thoroughly calculate his steps. Each player starts with a limited number of territories from the world map. The one who wins over the whole world is the indisputable winner. The players have to strategically roll their dices at their turn to win over the territories of their opponents. If the attacker scores high on the dice numbers, he is declared the owner of that territory. If the attacker loses, he will lose all the dices in his area. At the end of every dice rolling round, each player gets an extra dice onto his territory.

Users can challenge eight different players at a time. The player should try to start from the point where territories are closely connected to each other. They should try to win maximum territories as possible right at the onset of the game. Experienced players find this game absolutely mind stimulating, addicting and extremely interesting.

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