Arrange And Organize Your Programs Using Appetizer

You have already read about Hawkscope application which allows you easy access to folders and files. Now you will get more additional features in an application that allows you to quickly access the programs and files. You can even launch any program faster with the help of this utility named, Appetizer.

If you really want to speed up your working efficiency, then it is a must that you have the utility. It is a complete freeware, which is used in launching the application easily and instantly.



You’ll have to just download and install Appetizer on your computer. You will be shown an icon on your computer screen. To use this tiny application launcher utility, you need to clink on the “+” sign and you will be able to browse all stored files and applications. Now you can add them to a convenient doc. From now whenever you need to launch any application just tap on the respective icon, program will be started instantly.

It is designed exclusively for the users who want instant access to any programs easily without following complicated process. Additionally, you can personalize the interactive user interface of this software according to your convenience. Apart from this users can hide this application after launching desired programs or files.


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