Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

While browsing, if you find a website interesting, you can add it to your Favorites list in Internet Explorer or to your Bookmarks list in Mozilla Firefox. Any newly added website will be placed as the last entry within the Favorites list as well as the Bookmarks lists.

You will notice the same thing happening when you add a favorite site to a specific folder in Favorites or Bookmarks. You will have no issues with this until the list is small. Gradually, as the list of your favorite sites increases, it will become quite difficult for you to locate a bookmarked site from the huge list if you do not sort and organize them systematically.

Both the browsers, Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox provide you with an option of sorting your Favorites or Bookmarks list in an alphabetical order. The process of sorting the list is quite simple.

For sorting Favorites list/ Bookmarks list in IE/ Firefox, click on “Favorites”/ “Bookmarks” menu and move your mouse pointer to an empty space in Favorites list/ Bookmarks list. Right-click to display the shortcut menu and select the option “Sort By Name”. Now, you will notice that the list of your favorite/bookmarked sites is been arranged in an alphabetical order.


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