The perfect way to get more exposure to your views and writing on the web would be to submit the articles written to an article directory. An article directory provides websites, e zines and blogs relevant articles, whereas you as a writer have more people reading what you write, and this leads to a mutually beneficial outcome, both for the writer and the article directory.

To become a member of any article directory, generally, you would have to go through the prerequisites of logging in, using a log in ID, a password and an email address. This is a relatively easy process, that may be time consuming, but is relatively free albeit some services do charge a nominal fee.

Sometimes, you are also provided an option of creating your profile, also called as a bio, which helps people know more about you, and more importantly, creates backlinks. The reason why you would love the links is; search engines pick these links up directly and proliferate into even more links, which all in all gives you more viewership.

Once you log in, you have to know the legal consequences and terms, just to make sure you don’t unknowingly break any rules and be accused of plagiarism. This can be ensured by reading and following the Terms of Service (TOS). The directory will accept not every article. Acceptance is subject to the norms the directory caters to, and this could generally involve rejection of articles related to press releases, religious blasphemy etc.

Now that you’ve read just what you should not do, there would be guidelines on how you can go about submitting your first contribution. After you’ve decided just what you would like to submit, you generally would be asked to categorize it, and include the article title on a separate line just to make it easier to search for.

You title should have a tag, or a main keyword, and it should be attention grabbing. Netiquette would suggest not using all caps, although that could be tweaked around with. A synopsis of your article, or a paragraph from it is required as article summary by most sites. You can use keywords, each separated by a comma. This again would facilitate a search.

Apart from the usual punctuation, most sites also allow for the use of HTML. This will give you leeway to use bullet points, and font formatting options.

The general rules for writing apply even to article submissions. Ensure that your paragraphs are not superfluous, and that your article is not too short to look like a notice, or too long so as to induce boredom. Ensure there are no typos. If you cannot help writing a long-winded article, break it down into two articles. Ensure that there is a logical flow in your writing, and it is easy to understand.

Once you’re through checking and rechecking, submit it, and wait for the kudos and criticism to come your way.

Since you’re not the only promising writer on the block, you will have to wait for a while to know whether your article has been accepted or rejected. Once you do receive the notification though, continue to post your article on other sites too.

Your main aim is to increase your links and the best way to do that would be to increase your posts. Once you have the necessary exposure, it will be relatively easy to market your product in a trustworthy, credible manner.



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