Assign Keyboard Shortcuts And Access Your Favorite Websites Quickly In Internet Explorer Browser

Mostly while surfing on net, we use our favorite but important websites so many times. We most likely visit these websites each and every day or even a number of times in a day. For example, you log in to Gmail for checking new mails and when you get some free time, you tend to read latest posts on TechBuzz, you could keep an eye on share values on the website of stock market, etc. So, to use these websites in IE time to time we mostly love shortcuts to open these websites quickly for saving time.

In Internet Explorer browser, you could open your favorite websites by going to the Favorite option but this is too tiresome task. If you are in search of the superior solution to access your most used websites quickly, it may be helpful to assign the keyboard shortcut keys for these website. When you configure keys with particular website, you will be able to access them simply by pressing keys that you assign. For example, when you assign “Ctrl + Shift + G” key combination to open Google, then you just have to press this key combination to open Google. You could open your favorite website by shortcut keys even if you have closed the browser.

To do so, you first have to ensure that your favorite website is already saved in the list of Favorites. After saving, go to “Favorite” under the main “Menu”. Now, you have to right click on the specific website and go to “Properties”. Select “Web Document” option. Simply, clickShortcut Key button.

Here, you could specify your preferred key combination to open up the particular website. Finally, click on the “Apply” button to continue.


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