In offices where your system files are shared with remote users, it becomes imperative to access your computer with a desired password and username. This increases the privacy of your personal files that are not meant to be shared. However, sometimes users prefer the convenience of auto-login to access some programs. Logging automatically saves much of your time and helps you launch your programs immediately. If you install this application on your system, you no longer have to wait to key in your name and password to access your system files.

AutoAdminLogon is the best time saving applications for systems that are not shared with other system users. This freeware tool has been designed by IntelliAdmin. All you need to do is enter your default username, default password and default domain area once. Initiating the auto admin logon will help you configure all the details required in the registry automatically. So every time, you switch your system on, you will be automatically logged on without keying in any details. This tool is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

To access autoadminlogon by modifying the registry you need to follow the below steps:

• Go to the registry editor and click on run.
• See all the options on this registry key. Drill down to this registry key and click: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon”
• You will see four details to fill up. These details are:
1. AutoAdminLogon- this is a string value ranging between 0 and 1.
2. DefaultUSerName- This is the name with which you will be logged on.
3. DefaultPassword- This password will be automatically saved by your system. You do not need to re-enter it after saving it as your default password.
4. DefaultDomainName- If your machine is not connected to any domain; enter the name of your machine.
• Click “Save” to save all the desired changes.

[ Download AutoAdminLogon ]


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