If you take automated sequential back-ups, you’d not want to replace the old backups with the new ones, instead you’d want each one of them to be saved with a unique identifier. Some of the best ways is to append incremenal numbers at the end of back-up file name or add time stamps.

If you are a MAC user, then you can use Rotate Files to tackle this problem. This software is an automated action designer which works with all the renamed folder and files and also with the files which are generated while backing up the system.

The best part of the software is that once it is installed, it starts adding up sequence numbers to the files received by it, and it does not have restrictions for the upper limit of the file in the sequence e.g. while backing up your system, Rotate Files allows you to set maximum files in a particular sequence. You have an option to retain the older files of the same sequence or forward them to the trash bin.

The user can also customize the sequence set value and also the sequence step value with the help of the software. Options are available to force the files to be deleted permanently without having them to move to the trash bin. The sequence size can also be altered through this software.

You can also create new workflow and add the rename finder items action.  Rotate files is proving to be a very useful tool for business people or home users who back up their system frequently. The latest version 1.2.2 is now available for downloading and it’s free. It will run in any system having Mac OS X or any later versions. It also works on both the Power Pc version and the Intel based Mac systems.

[ Download Rotate Files ]


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