Auto Rickshaws are not unique to Bangalore. They are one of the best, most reliable source for commuting to almost every nook and corner of Bangalore, ofcourse if the ‘cheaper’ BMTC buses are not your option. However, every now and then you come across a few irritating Auto Rickshaw drivers who make your Rickshaw experience an unpleasant one.

They simply will deny to come to your destination, when you desperately want to get there. If they get a slightest idea that you are not one of us (kannadiga), then be prepared for a bit of rough experience. And god save you if you are new to place, as you’ll get to do a ‘Bangalore Darshan‘ (by taking a route much longer than it actually would be to your destination), and will eventually demand excess fare. And to add to your woes, you have the faulty meter to suck up all the money from your wallet.

(Update – 13th, Sep 2012: You can now lodge a complaint via SMS or IVRS.)

We, the educated lot, know we have a responsive government that’ll listen to most of our problems. But, what we are not sure about is, the effectivity of the solutions karnataka government has provided to handle the menace of Auto rickshaw drivers in Bangalore.

If you are a victim to any of the above mentioned problems or if you have experienced any other kind of problem with Auto Rickshaw drivers in Bangalore then please use the phone numbers / e-mail ids to complaint to the respective traffic officials, who are known to take stringent punishable action against the wrong doer auto drivers.

It is very important that you note down the Auto Number, and send across all the details – your source and destination places / where the auto rickshaw driver denied to come on hire, if possible try to note down the details of the auto rickshaw driver, which will be displayed in the ‘Driver Card Details’ and send all the details along with your phone number and email id to the following emails :

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

You can also call the TRO number where the Rickshaws were registered and lodge a complaint with them. The different RTO details are :

If the rickshaw number starts with KA-01 then it’s from Koramangala and the contact number is 080-25533525
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-02 then it’s from Rajajinagar and the contact number is 080-23324104
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-03 then it’s from Indiranagar and the contact number is 080-25254310
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-04 then it’s from Yeshwantpur and the contact number is 080-23376039
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-05 then it’s from Jayanagar and the contact number is 080-26630989
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-41 then it’s from Gyanabharthi and the contact number is 080-28602833
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-50 then it’s from Yelahanka and the contact number is 080-28561366
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-51 then it’s from Electronic City and the contact number is 080-25735522
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-52 then it’s from NeelaMangala and the contact number is 08234-285598
If the rickshaw number starts with KA-53 then it’s from KR Puram and the contact number is 080-25617951

You can also make use of the helpline number 080-22353785. You can call them on weekedays, anytime between 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

If you have any more details that you’d like to share with others, please leave your comments. Alsp let us know your bitter experiences through comments.

Please pass on this message. This message is a tip off from Prashanth.


  1. auto number KA01AC295 i was travelling from mejestic it is around 6:30 am auto driver agreed for meter and he immediately changed the auto with some other saying that my meter is not working, and accompanied with another driver. till i reach my place the meter was jumping i could see and driver was talking to me to divert the mind meter and he had some mechanism in his hand to jump it whenever he talking and i was removing sight from meter it use to jump 20 rs for no reason by ti time i reach my place the meter was 470 just for a distance of 13 km and that basterd demanded 940rs for 13 km distance that to day time. he did some hand trick the note of 500 which i gave changed with 50 rs which he already had in his pocked and told u gave only 50 and not 500 and demanding one more 500 note tried to take pic number plate for that also that guy denied and finally without his permission i took his number plate pic please be careful especially from mejestic while catching the auto when u come from native or other city u will be robbed by these basterd auto pls share this

  2. I was travelling in an auto with no. KA0xx 2842. His meter was tampered .  Daily I travel from murugeshpalya to mayo hall. My meter reading is maximum 65 to 70 rupees. But this auto went upto 120 rupees. He is fooling public. A strict action against him should be taken on immediate basis. His license should be cancelled and he should be jailed .

  3. I have a submission to make, a good friend of mine suggested to put this message in ”
    The submission is that I lost my Black coloured laptop bag in an autorickshaw which I travelled on 31st October 2015 from Corporation circle to Chamrajpet at 9:30 PM. I had kept the bag in the space behind the back seat and forgot to pick it up. It had a some important materials which I am in need and a passbook of Bank of Baroda with my office address. If anybody (autodriver especially) finds it let them please contact me my number is 9886489386
    Thank you Nandeesh

  4. KA05 A 5551 ;s electronic meter is faulty & the auto driver does not listening about it.

    I travelled from kadiheranahalli cross to kathriguppe with Rs. 32/- but the same travel back in the mentioned auto (KA 05 A 5551) costed me Rs.45/- for a distance of 2.9 km…

    The meter from Big bazar, kathriguppe to deve goda petrol pump itself was showing Rs.24/- for only 1.1 km

  5. i would like to share this, it war around 5.45 i was walking parallel road to New BEL road i.e. MS Ramiah road and wanted to catch an auto to yeshwanthpur metro,
    i asked him will you come he said 100 where the actual cost is 35, it was more than 15 autos that i had asked for the day with the disappointment on my face i said dont want, the worst part is he took a U-Turn and was all like will you come here or there , and i started to note dopwn his auto riksha number where he says note down and note down my mobile numb and zooms off.
    auto number KA 02 9332, he was fair and lean will be of age 20-30
    please do take action to teach him a lesson

  6. Respected sir i would like share my experiance about auto driver in magadi road k p agrahara….. Drivers behavior very badly… Refuse to come …. Pls take actoin……

  7. i would like to share one bad experience of me in auto ,i was travelling from ITC winsor hotel to vasanthpura at night 10.15, which is about 3 km the auto driver told it would be double meter so we agreed knowing we were near to majestic and went in the auto and there i picked up one of my fnd and went to majestic (max 6km seen in google maps after getting this bad experiene)but that driver made it around 45 min to get to majestic ,i don know which route he followed he somehow managed to make the meter show 24 km and total amount 230…at last we asked how come that we took almost one hour and 24 km he started bluffing out all the lies and there gathered complete autowala’s group and i was helpless and paid 460 rs:( that time was the most worst time for me really these auto people are waiting to find new comers and to cheat them…

  8. HI,
    I would like to complain about a auto rickshaw driver.
    today i.e 14 june 2012,thursday I had taken my father to Bharthi nursing home which is in K.R.road for his dressing as he has undergone a surgery in leg recently, we picked up a auto to return home i.e for chamrajpet(my residence)the time was between 12.30 to 1.00PM. The auto number is KA 05 8623. The auto driver did not even bother to display his licence properly, it was faded and his name was hardly visible.The usual fare from nursing home to chamrajpet is rupees35-40 according to new fare system which has minimum amt as 20 rupees.
    When we reached my residence the meter showed 55 rupees, when we asked about the fare he took out the chart and said we had to pay 68 rupees as per new meter system.This shocked me and my father, We asked him politely but he raised his voice and said he was right in asking 68rs.
    Finally we had to pay him 55rs as we did not wanted further oral disputes.This is very sad to experience such things and all others who belong to middle class and lower middle class may not be in a position to pay such prices.Please help us to eliminate this type of injustice and unacceptable attitude of some auto drivers in the city.

  9. I want to give complaint on auto driver for demanding more fare and abusing me

    Vehicle number KA02 AA 2976
    Driver Sreenivas G (age around 50)
    Date of travel 25/03/2012
    From kumarswamy layout 8:30 PM
    To anand rao circle , near race course road 9 :05 PM
    Route travelled kumarswamy layout , gowdana palya , padmanabhnagar, thyagaraj nagar, chamarajpet goods shed road, railway station road , anand rao circle near axis bank ATM

    Meter reading 17.6 Km and amount of 162 rs and according new rate driver demanded RS 197/- and collected 190 from me

    but actual should be around 125 and distance is 12 KM
    when i asked about the meter reading is wrong driver abused be pushed me with his hand and used bad words, some other auto driver and taxi also joined in favour me saying that auto driver is wrong , but Sreenivas did not listened and said i can complain any police station or RTO he don’t care

  10. Harshitha,

    Can you provide more details about when this happened, which area and timings. We’ll can spread a word about this.


  11. HI
    I’m Harshitha. 2day while comin bak from my skol, I hired an auto. The meter wasn workin, thus I agreed to pay Rs.17 for the ride. In the middle he stopped the auto telin that his horn wasn’t proper an he couldn’t take us any further. I had no option but to get down and pay him the total amount.
    I couldn’t get his auto number but i know some details about him.
    I request you to please take a proper action against such people.

  12. I came to bangalore for the first time on 9th feb. i had an interview the day after on 10th.I took an auto from majestic to rajajinagar .Its digital meter was tampered and this auto driver was a bad guy. The bill came 198 and then he started asking me 300 i.e. 1.5 times of the actual. when i said no then he hit me and started abusing me .I shouted police and went to the traffic police standing there they said go to police station and complain . But i didnt know where the police station was and didn’t want to elongate the issue as i had an interview tommorow. I thought that he must have left but when i started walking on the road he came back and grabbed my shirt from behind. then i asked from help from localites. I explained them the whole situation in hindi , then they said that they don’t know whom to believe me and the auto wala. I thought now i am in a trouble . Then sb from behind said to give him 200 rs i gave him the money . then he started abusing me badly and left from there.

    This was a ridiculous incident.

  13. Hi,

    Details of Auto driver

    Badge No- 1636/06
    DL No-8199/06

    today i took auto from rajajinagar to Indiranagar 100ft road ,when i reached at my destination AUTO charge was 155 rupees and it should be hardly 110 rupees,
    when i asked to driver ,he argued me that my meter is not faulty and taken money. his meter was faulty and he is cheating to every customer.
    My request is to take action against the driver, Take necessary actions to avoid corruption.


  14. this morning i took an auto(KA03 1010) from cox town to Manipal center which is just around 3.1 km. the auto meter was tampered and the amount came to Rs.10 more than the usual. I travel everyday to my office at Manipal Centre so i knew the meter was tampered. When i told the driver the same he started to abuse me and i am a localite in bangalore, so i told him to come to the police station for which he further should at me and left in a hurry. Bangalore RTO/police should do something about such abusive drivers who are cheating the public by charging extra money. I tried to place a comaplint using the RTO number but they are not functional.

  15. 080-26630989 No one picks the phone. Helpline 080-22353785 no one picks up. No wonder Bangalore autorickshaw drivers are so “bindas” in adjusting their meeeters :-). The guy who came with me today ( KA05 A244 at 9am to 10:00 am JP.Nagar 7th phase to Koramangala infront of Dell building) admitted that his meter is tampered and took only 120 instead of 135 which his meter showed.. that too because i talked to him Kannada and told him that his meter is tampered well before.

  16. @Soma – There’s no service yet which helps you get prepaid autos from middle of the road.

    Though, a rough estimate of how much you need to pay can be calculated. For every Kilo Meter you travel, you shell out around 8 Rs. If you know how far your destination is, then you have a rough estimate there.

  17. @Gautam Can you please suggest where do u get prepaid autos from the middle of the road or may be some bus stop?…I end up in a verbal jostle every single day while coming to office. I found out a service called “Route Map”(9008890088)which gives you an approximate fare along with the distance. However, I have realized that nothing really helps. Some policemen are part of an union with these autowalas. So, going to the police is again not helpful. Moreover, if you are not a local person here and you are a lady, the trouble is doubled. I really wish we had an unbiased system of policing these rowdy autowalas!

  18. hi ,

    I just took an auto from Rajaji Nagar to Peenya Stage 2 .
    Its 9 kms travel thro Mahalaxmi Layout to my destination .
    Auto KA02 AB4523 is havin an tampered auto meter which was showing 4 kms more than acutal . when asked , he ignored my talks and then i told him to come to police station . Then , took the money for 9 kms and left the spot in no time .

  19. Today around 1 30 from avenue road we were going back to our house to Bismillah Nagar. None of the auto rishshaw is ready to come n every one is asking for more 100 rupees though actual rate with meter will be not more than 70 rupees or on meter rate 20 rupees extra upfront otherwise they are refusing to come. Its not acceptable at all I had to walked till main road to catch another auto with my mom. It was very bitter experience.

  20. Today one auto person hit my new car and started fighting and other auto drivers supported him and as usual public as silent and he demanded money from me or threaten to smash my car and even threaten to beat me.

    My wife was pregnant and was just came from hospital and the driver was shouting at her and the useless public just kept silent.

    after everything is finished all are asking what happened, you should have done like this..etc.

    These bad auto people take advantage of non-kannadiga people and use bad language and threaten.

    Guys we need to support each other when this kind of situation.

  21. hi,
    I took auto from forum mall to uma theatre today evenin around 8o’clock. The electronic metre went blank in between way and at destination i was bullied and charged 100bucks even the distance is only around 6kilometer.. On sayin about complaint he used rubbish language and showed fists and said do wat ever you want. North indians are dirt. Auto number is KA02 1244 and driver name srinivasa. Have sent complaint to given mail address here. Hope it works.

  22. I understand that there is a number to complain, but does anything happen after that ? It shold’nt be that since you gave complain, police start harassing you with toomany questions..I just met with similar experience of demanding Rs.145 instead of 110, due to tampered meter, and the driver was consifedently asking me to take his number, and complain to police !!

  23. Triveni – Have you ever tried noting the number of the auto-rickshaw when they demand excess money and reported to a traffic police ?

    Please try and let me know, we’ll do a coverage on the same and try to bring this menace to an end.

  24. Hi

    I travel everyday from J P Nagar 7th Phase to my office in M G Road. Every time it is such a headache to get an auto. They think just because my office is in M G Road, my income also will be as per M G Road standard. It is not the truth. There are people who are earning lesser salary even while working in posh offices of these VIP roads. Almost everyday they demand 20-30 Rs. extra. All the old autorickshaw’s are still having old meters. With a correct meter I pay just around 108- 110. 99% it is the old autos which are occupying the bangaore street. If I get any of these autos, it will be 135-140. Imagine the extra money that I have to pay almost everyday. Before gettting into an auto, I ask them if their meter is correct. They answer with confidence ‘Yes’..then the problem starts. In between the journey if I inform him that his meter is running fast, they will ask me to get down whereever it is. Hence I have to keep quiet and then start bargaining after reaching. They will reduce ‘generously’ between Two rupees to 5 rupees. Imagine everyday if this is the situation I have to face. If I ask them why they are cheating the people, they say, all that they have to do is pay a bit of money to the traffic police and get along with this faulty meter. Then where is the justice for people like me, who leave behind their small children and work to make ends meet in an expensive city like Bangalore!. Who will correct this menace or goonda raj of auto rickshaw drivers. I am really fed up paying more everyday. In another instant, I asked the auto to come till Jayanager from M G road after office hours. The correct meter will be between 65-70/-. He demanded 150/- from me! Will any authorities take note of this and help the public to escape the goondaism of auto drivers.

  25. Hi Aishwarya,

    I appreciate your effort and determination to bring wrong ones to the books.

    To give you a fair idea about prices- the current auto rickshaw fare is fixed roughly around Rs 8.50 / KM. You can do the math, by calculating the approximate distance from Mantri mall to the destination in Cooke town to get a fair idea of how much the actual cost should be around.

    Govt. Of Karnataka has made it compulsory that drivers information has to be displayed. It’s an offence if he did not have his details up, and can be punished for the same. Please do report about the same to Police.

    For overcharging by autos type:
    AUTO OVR (auto number without brackets) LOCATION TIME and send the above info to 52225.

    Also what time did you take this ride ? I hope you are aware that you are not supposed to pay 1.5 before 10:00 PM.

    If you need any other info, please do feel free to leave a message.

  26. Hi Mr. Gautam, Is it true that lodging a complaint does work? Please give the details in that case. Today three of us took an auto from Mantri mall to Cooke town and after bargaining, we fixed the rate at 1.5x the meter reading. To our surprise, the meter started changing long before we covered the minimum distance but the driver kept saying that the meter is correct. This was a digital meter and it did not show the distance reading. That fellow kept on giving lame reasons. Finally we ended up paying Rs 165 (Rs 111 in meter) whereas the normal rate comes to Rs 75 max. There was no information about the driver in the vehicle and on reaching the destination, I noted down the number (KA-05 7499). It was completely written in Kannada (the number was displayed only on the front and back sides) but we managed to figure it out (Thanks to Internet). He did not bother to question us nor did he show that much frustration. Is it because he was too confident that this technique is not going to work? Please help.
    From the previous reviews, I feel that most of the KA-05 registration vehicles (which appears to come under Jayanagar RTO) have tampered meters. Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

  27. Ravindra – I agree. There is a huge difference between Mangalore and Bangalore.

    I’m not sure how many of these rickshaw drivers are punished even if we lodge a complaint. A couple of us are working on coming up with a solution for this. Lets hope we can somehow work it out.


  28. Hi,
    What action will be taken against these rickshaw drivers. I see 99% of drivers just don’t agree to to pick u up for meter charge, usually 1.5 of meter charge and at night its 2x. And the old mechanical meter goes faster than the auto. I prefer to walk even if its too far or go by BMTC.
    Even in BMTC buses, bus conductors dont give change and they write it on the back side of the ticket. Most of them ask for change but atleast some of them sometimes forget. And that’s how they make money. Im sick of this place. I am from Mangalore, Karnataka.. people over there dont behave this way, there are a fer exceptional cases, i would say 5%, but in bangalore 80% of the auto drivers are @#%^$#&%*$(.
    Not sure if there is anything that we can do, calling up or sending email to the above numbers… will it really work .. or do we need to pay them bribe as well ..

  29. I travell from BTM Layout 2nd Stage to Spar Hyper market ,Banngergatta rod every Day by Auto.facing a lot of problems.
    First thing they refuse to come,every day will have to check with minimum 6 to 10 drivers.
    The Meter charge will come upto Rs.28 or Rs.30, and the drivers used to ask me for Rs.40 which i used to give , now they started asking for 50 & 60 & the reason they give for asking more money is ‘TRAFIC ‘ which i really dont understand and if u refuse to give more money they start using bad words in Kannada.
    Last two months i am facing some new problems,
    When i got inside the Auto driver asked me Rs.40 to go to SPAR, once i reached Jalbhavan he said he wants Rs.50.and started fighting.
    once i got inside the auto (for Rs.40 )just after 2 meters two more girls (who speaks Kannada)i kept on saying the driver that i need to go to SPAR and he has to take a U turn and he said the girls will get down on the way, and when we reached Jalbhavan he started saying that he can’t come to SPAR , coz the girls want to go somewhere else and he will be taking a left turn from the next signal,he made me get down there and i had to Pay him Rs.40.
    Now a days after getting inside the Auto drivers check with more people who wants to go to the same place, saying that u can share,and when it comes to the Money evry one will have to pay Rs.40 ” No sharing “.
    Frustrated and Fed Up.

  30. There are criminal auto drivers in bangalore, drivers cheat innocent public, I have been cheated MANY times by auto drivers in terms of fare.I travel every day from Bannerghata Road (Jal Bhavan) everyday to Kamanahalli, and the regular fare is around Rs.120.00 but one driver demanded Rs.190.00 and created a big scene near our house, infact I had warned him near Accenture as the meter shot upto Rs.22.00, the driver cooly said at the most there will be a difference of Rs.10.00 He was such a arrogant driver, but I didn’t budge I told him at the most I can give you only Rs.130.00 and he left abusing.PLEASE DONT EVER TRAVEL BY AUTO REGISTRATION NUMBER KA-05 A-3620 HE IS A ROGUE I HOPE THE RTO AUTHORITIES NAB AND CHECK HIS METER. YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE AN AUTO NEAR ANY MNC COMPANIES. ALL METERS ARE TAMPERED FOR MORE FARE AS THEY KNOW THAT SOFTWARE PROFFESIONALS WILL JUST WONT MIND PAYING WHATEVER THEY DEMAND.

  31. auto drivers refused to come to marappa garden side from fortis hospital .we informed the traffic police standing there was also of no use ,he told you write down the auto number AND GIVE COMPLAINT .now on road side where we will go for paper and pen as our dad is admitted in hospital. please look into the matter and help people.

  32. @Anil – I understand your frustration. Most auto-rickshaw drivers are well behaved, but a few are complacent with their hostile behavior towards outsiders, especially those who cannot speak the local dialect. The government should come up with better ways to address such issues and should protect the interest of visitors from outside.

  33. Hi,

    I stay in Banashankari and I often use to go to Art of Living Ashram which is located on Kanakhapura Road. Due to emergency situation, I picked the Auto from the ashram towards Banashankari. The driver already said that He will take me to the destination with meter charges. I said, okay. As soon as we reached to Banashankari then he started shouting on me saying that He needs more money. The fare was come to 120Rs. but he was demanding 300Rs which was very surprising. He then called his few friends who are also drivers and tried to convence me. When he called his friends, then he rounded his meter to null where he was telling to other people that i have fixed the auto for 300Rs and I am not paying him. That was disgusting, and I dont know Kannada also. It was flustrating, and then one guy came and he told so many things in Kannada to the driver and then driver left me.

    The driver was not having any license plate in the auto with very old meter, the auto number is KA 05 – 0685.

    I don’t think that this kind of guys will stop these behaviour, and most of the people doesnt bother about it.

    God help us !

  34. No more refusals… No more tampered meters…
    Call EASY AUTO @ 9844112233 for an HONEST AUTO DRIVER right at your door steps.

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  35. hi …
    usualy i reach bangalore at 6.30am wen i come from my native, and my home is just one and half kilometer from that bus stop, every time auto driver ask us 50rupees, which wil take minimum charge…. ok even though if we agree for 50rupees, at the destination they again start drama that “u dint tell correct address, for this ditance u have to give 70 ruppes”……… every time happens this only and also they use wrong words….. really i am fed up with this…… so i am i am requesting to balngalore govrnament pls pls pls take action against these nonscence people…..

  36. From your experience, I can conclude that neither you nor your friends are locals. I have heard about similar incidents, time and again from my friends who are from different part of the country. What these idiots do not understand is, our economy and development of the city is because people leave the comfort of their homes and come to a new city and work here. The cops according to me should give more importance and support outsiders, than being silent spectators or worse evading away from such situations.

    And you too should take a part of the blame. If you’ve already experienced such incidents before, you should have anticipated the situation before hand, and noted down the number of the auto immediately. Tension, pressure, panic all prevails in such situations, but one should act smart. It’s only then can we battle such criminals who are a threat to our state and it’s development.

    If you could at least quickly pull out your camera and take a picture of some of them fighting you could have walked into the nearest police station and filed an FIR against these folks. Our bureaucrats and higher police officials can perform to their best only if we readily give them leads to catch these crooks.

    Please spread the message about what happened to you. Keeping others informed will reduce the crime as people will be alert and will face the situation better, if it has to repeat.

    What do you think are the measures that should be taken to avoid or tackle such situation from repeating ?

    Thanks for taking time and penning down your thoughts.

  37. Yesterday we were leaving for dinner at around 9 pm and had to take a U turn in front of SPAR Market, Bannerghatta road, near diary circle, Bangalore. When we were taking the U turn suddenly an Auto Rickshaw tried to overtake us from the left on the U turn and banged into us. We drove our car towards the side of the road, and while doing this, the auto driver parked his auto in front of our car and then 3 auto drivers from the same auto came and started fighting. They staged this accident and started fighting with us to get money from us.

    First they tried to snatch the car key, some how we avoided this from happening. then they tried to beat my friend who was driving the car, they used abusive language, and when we asked what happened to your auto show us, they said the auto had a patient and now its gone to a hospital to drop the patient.

    So they literally staged this accident, removed the auto from the scene and we did not get a chance to even note down the auto number to do a formal police complaint.

    Now came the worse part they started demanding Rs 8000 or else they threatened to smash our car, one of the auto driver picked up bricks from the footpath and was about to smash our car. My friends had to literally pull the driver back to avoid him doing this and we had to resort to negotiation with these bastards.

    When we said we will go to police, they said they are also happy to go to them because they will be able to claim insurance to get their auto repaired. Now this is why they removed the auto from the accident place, so that if we go to the police they can show some other badly damaged auto to claim insurance.

    Not only this they threatened us that they will follow us and get more auto drivers to beat us up. One auto driver even threatened to kill our kids.

    While all of this was happening in the middle of the busy Bannerghatta road, for around 30 minutes, none of the public came for our help. Public were simply sitting in their vehicles and honking badly.

    Finally the bastards wanted 5000 Rs for settlement else they will smash our car and leave the place as if nothing happened. we were helpless and had to cough up the money. we finally ended up paying money to these fellows.

    Moral of the story is. There are criminal auto drivers in bangalore, not only do the auto drivers cheat innocent public, but also cheat people driving other vehicles. I have been cheated 8/10 times by auto drivers in terms of fare. And I have stopped using autos all together.

    My friend now keeps pepper spray in the car so that he can use it when confronted by criminal auto drivers.


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