Auto-Run-Eater A Guard Computer From Defected “Autorun.Inf Files”

Autorun.inf” is one of the few executables designed to automatically start on a pen drive as its content when it’s inserted to USB port. This is seriously irritating as it can’t be deleted manually, even if deleted each time; it will reappear automatically.

Auto-Run-Eater can be used to block or delete this “autorun.inf” file which is inherent within the flash-drives or Pen-drives to induct few necessary programs while commencing. Some of the “autorun.inf files” interject few malicious-codes which are not secure.

Auto-Run-Eater is a 3rd party application, after installation it will create an icon of its own on the desktop in the System-tray and stays enabled all-times.

Whenever a Pen-drive is inserted in the USB-Port, it automatically starts searching or scanning for any malicious content such as “Autorun.inf files”. Upon detecting such files, it removes them automatically.

Auto-Run-Eater tool is quite vigorous and it will remove such Malicious-Files right before window displays the content of the Pen-drive. Auto-Run-Eater also supports in scanning whole computer system and USB thumb-drives to check for autorun.inf files that are present.

However, if any such autorun.inf files are found on computer-hard-disk-drive, it’s recommended to be deleted immediately. As these are not utilised to support anything on computers, finding these files shows that hard-drive is been compromised and infected.

Since “Auto-Run-Eater” supervises all files automatically on computer, its safe to save important logs or any data on computer for future reference, hence it’s the best application to handle “Malicious autorun.inf files”.

Download “Auto-Run-Eater” today to guard your computer from “autorun.inf files”.


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