At times, when you want to record mouse and keyboard actions or operations in Microsoft Windows (Vista, XP, NT, 98, 95), you can use Triple-9 to do it for you. The recorded script can be stored on your system, and replayed at at a later point. Using this tool, you can automate a lot of operations on Windows.

Operations that can be automated include, but are not limited to, keyboard actions, mouse actions, select menu, push button and more. Tripe-9 gives you further flexibility to edit the script, with more than 100 functions it has to offer. You can write complex scripts using ‘if – else’, ‘for’, ‘while’ loop etc.

Automate Record Mouse Keyboard Operation Microsoft Windows MS-DOS

The latest version of the script supports COM (OLE automation), use VBA with it to program for excel or word, compile and generate exe’s. User specific functions can be added as DLL’s and can make sure it works with other programs using DDE.

Triple-9 is shareware and you can download it from here.

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