Organize your Downloads folder with MovIt2

All of us download loads of stuff from the internet – right from teeny-tiny documents to heavy-duty music and movies. Given the default specification of most browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc., all of these files get saved to the same directory on your hard drive. Then suddenly you find that there more than 300 files in that folder – a bizarre mix of PDFs, MP3s, AVIs, JPGs, and the like. And you have no idea how you will go about sorting them. MovIt2 prevents this from happening and saves you a lot of work.

MovIt2 is a handy utility that lets you automate the entire process of copying, deleting, and moving files from one location to another on your hard drive. In the situation above, you can use MovIt2 to automatically move files from the Downloads folder to pre-specified locations depending on the file type/name/size. This will mean that your downloads are sorted without you having to click even once.

MovIt2 lets you create filters – depending on the file properties. Although in the free-to-use trial version, the application supports only five simultaneous ‘threads’ of action, this is more than enough for the common user. For advanced users, the full version has far more elaborate filters and functions.

Also, if you are using an FTP server, you will find that MovIt2 can help you out even more. You can even configure it to a mail server, so that all of the files uploaded via FTP are moved, and even renamed, automatically.

On the whole, this application makes life a lot easier – especially for download freaks – and solves a lot of problems regarding file organization. It is compatible with all of the previous Windows versions – the Vista and Windows 7 compatible versions are yet to come out. You can download the latest version of MovIt2 from here.


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