Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

There are several software and applications, which does not incorporate the feature of automatically saving of those files on which users works on, and they are not even able to recover the unsaved work of earlier session. It implies that when user does not possess power backup with him at the time of power shutdown, failure, and unintentional exit while running of the software or unexpected PC shutdown, all of the unsaved work will be closed down and sacrificed. Therefore, if users are searching for a simpler solution to immediately save the alterations subsequent to every specified period inside a file, then they can achieve this by using this application names as AutoSaver.

AutoSaver is a portable and handy window based utility tool to immediately save the changes to an opened file. It works on those applications, which supports the Ctrl S hotkey to save the changes.

.NET Framework 3.5 is required to use this application.

Use following links to download the AutoSaver

Download zip file
Download EXE file


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