Backup2Email, as the name suggests is an amazing backup tool. Experienced users claim that it is really worth its charges. It can efficiently back-up all your files, important data and sensitive information saved in your system to your email account or a particular folder. It automatically compresses all the files before saving their backup copies in your email account. It further lets the users define their file filters. With this filter you can easily exclude certain files from the back up. You can also decide for the size of the compressed files. What’s unique? This application allows you to set a password to open the back-up copy of your compressed files.

It is an excellent software for home based systems. Home based users can easily save a copy of their personal data in their email account to hide it from the reach of intruding family members. You can add labels to your back up copies so that users can easily identify between them. You also have the ease of accessing your important files wherever you travel. Further, if your back CD or DVD gets corrupted, you can access information from your email account as a better alternative. This tool offers you option for setting schedules for the backup of multiple files.

The important pointer to consider with this tool is to set potent passwords to your email account. This should be done to avoid the chances of your account getting hacked. Further, always access your email account via a strong and secure connection.

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