Backup Or Transfer Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Most of the times, because of system crash or something, you may loose bookmarks in your internet browser. However, there is a special browser plug-ins available with which you can carry on a back up of your bookmarks online.

For Google chrome you can not use such plug-ins. Furthermore, Google chrome does not support bookmark export feature to a different browser. This guide will give you an idea to take a backup of bookmarks in the Google chrome browser. You may store this back up in your PC or even transfer it to any other safe location.

You should transfer the bookmarks in Google chrome to IE or Firefox, as chrome does not contains any application to export the bookmarks. You can after save the bookmarks from there. When you transfer these bookmarks successfully, you can now store the bookmarks, otherwise you could also use flash drives for bookmark transfers.

To do so just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and go to Settings and then Bookmark Manager.
  2. From this tab navigate to Tools and go to Export Bookmarks.
  3. Finally, save this file into hard disk and that’s all.

You may simply open the transferred bookmarks file in internet explorer or Firefox.




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