If  you live in Bangalore, then you can make use of the online traffic bill paying facility the bangalore police offers to you. If you want to know your Bangalore traffic police fine details, then head over to this post and read more about it:


Some users have complained that they were issued tickets though they had not violated any rules and/or regulations. If you are a victim of any such incidence then I suggest that you visit your nearest Traffic Police station and clarify to the officer on duty by providing the evidence that proves your innocence.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the traffic service in Bangalore and the overall online procedure of paying the traffic fines, please share your thoughts in the comment. May be we can consolidate all the good ideas and send it across to the respective people. Good governance should start from Us !!


  1. NIMMA POLICE INSPECTER MR GOPALKRISHNA (BYTARAYANA PURA POLICE STATION)sarwajanikarige thendhare kodutidare sukthakarmakegoli ellavadali lokayuktharege manavi salisuthene


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