The security of your system against malicious software and unpredictable hacks is our prime concern. After all, we all want to employ stringent security measures to ensure the security of our sensitive data stored in the system. For this purpose, users install security software in their system. However, most of them fail to detect the unwanted installations on time. For utmost security, Norton labs have launched some the most reliable security measures.

The primary security system introduced by Norton Lab is User Account Control (UAC). Norton’s User Account Control maintains a comprehensive white list as well as a black list. These lists comprise of the database on varied administrative actions. This security system does not disturb the user with unnecessary prompts and alerts after every few minutes. Instead, it informs the users only in the case of some serious attack on your system.

Norton Security Inspector is yet another powerful too to check up with your system’s security settings. This application allows you to configure the settings as per your personal choice. It launches stringent measures to check the security levels of your internet browser and installed IM clients. Further, it scans your system to keep a close check on the modifications made to your host file. It displays a comprehensive list of all active user accounts that enjoy admin privileges.

Norton Safe Web is in line with the above system safety measures. It displays the ratings of your visual site from among the top search sites. This web security system alerts you about the malicious content present in the site before you download it.

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