Music Express is one of the best software available in the market, which helps you to manage your music collection. It is a must for all those music lovers who have large number of collections. The software helps you categorize the titles, index and group them and also collect the metadata so that the user can have all the information he needs.

Music Express also connects itself to internet automatically. Once a music CD is inserted, the software searches the internet and provide information related to the titles, author and any other specific details.

The software allows you to do a search based on multiple criteria, helps you to locate duplicate files, rename large number of files in batch and provides you a customized list as per your requirements. You can use the program for batch creation of CDs and DVDs and one can also use the same to print the CD covers.

Music Express supports almost all audio formats available in the world including MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG-4, APE Monkey etc. The software is meant for power users of the music who find it extremely useful for managing large number of titles they have.

Music Express runs in all commonly used operating systems. While the full unlimited version is priced, you can down load a trial version which has almost all the features.

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