There are die hard Apple fans and hard core Blackberry followers. The tension between these groups is so thick you could slice it and it is all because of the latest tablet computers that have been developed by these corporate giants; the Blackberry Playbook and the iPad 2. Each of these groups claims that their tablet computer is ‘the best’. With fantastic features on each of these different models, it can be hard pressed to stand on one side or the other. So this epic battle of tablet devices wages on as many seek to answer the question: “Which one is better?

We all know that Apple devices are famous because of iTunes and the App Store. This gives any Apple device a +1 automatically. Also, with their new iCloud feature coming this fall there is an even bigger draw towards Apple products.

In order to get a thorough viewpoint on which one is better you need to, of course, examine the specs. Below is picture comparing visually comparing the two devices, and below that is a table comparing the specs side by side.

Playbook on the left, iPad 2 on the right.


I Pad 2 Playbook
Tablet Size 9.7 inches 7.0 inches
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
Camera 0.7 megapixel rear camera 5 megapixel rear, 3 megapixel front

Operating System

iOS BlackBerry Tablet OS

Media Output Capabilities

HDMI only HDMI and business presentation


$499-$699 $499-$699


As you can see, despite all of the hype about Apple, iTunes, and all of the other features of the iPad 2, the Playbook hits back. Hard.

So the winner is….


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