Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Individuals can setup an auto reply feature for their Google talk for inbound chat messages using Google mail’s “Auto-Responder”. To set this up, individuals are required to download a utility tool called as “gtalk-auto-reply”.

“Gtalk auto reply” is a freeware which can be used to set a self customized message for all Auto-replies. Just download “Google talk auto reply” utility tool and type in Google talk login information to utilize this feature.

Individuals can create a customized message in the provided space and store it. Once Google talk auto reply is been enabled, it will commence replying the saved message as Auto-Reply to all inbound chat messages.

This is very beneficial when individuals are not available on their desk. The same can be conveyed to their google talk chat messengers as auto reply notification with their customized message within the duration of the time they come back on the messaging line again.


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