Windows in-built defragmenter, lets you to defrag the files and folders and also the whole drives. This is a great option that lets you arrange your valuable data according in a sequence. Though, this software is one of the must have, it has one problem and that is, it is not only slow but also consumes a lot of system resources.

To solve this problem we have other alternatives like Piriform’s Defraggler. Defraggler, a software built for Windows Defragging, is nice and small defragmentation software that allows you to perform all the activities that you can with defragmenter function provided by Windows. Moreover you can perform these functions at impressive speeds and in a manageable manner. This is free software that is developed by Piriform, the makers of Ccleaner, a free trash cleaner tool.

The size of the defraggler is just 1MB, and consumes very less space of your hard disk. You have the option of taking the backup in your pen drive or CD for future use as it is very portable. This free defragmentation program gives its user an option to defrag individual files and folders apart from whole drives. First it analyzes the whole drive for fragmentation and after analyzing a drive for fragmentation, Defraggler gives a complete list of all fragmented files as well as a detailed view of drive fragmentation with color coded blocks. It also displays drive information such as the file system in use, drive capacity, used and free space etc. This allows you to fragment the files, folders and drives according to your use while making folder access easy and comfortable.

This application will only work with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

[ Download Piriform Free ]


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