For most PC users, backing up your files is a lot like going to the dentist – we have a tendency to put it off till we actually have to. By that point, it’s regularly too late and the damage might have already been done. The excellent news is that there are now some wonderful Windows backup software products available that make backing up comparatively straightforward and painless.

So simple that PC users at each level can customarily and mechanically protect their crucial info from disaster. I have attempted some famous backup software to ONLY backup files to my backup drive mechanically and ultimately I decide to use 2BrightSparks SyncBackSE

Features of SyncBackSE :

Copy locked or open files ( XP / 2003 )
Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
Robust FTP engine & AES encryption
Fantastic feature set and customization
Generous Licensing Policy
Intensive Help Paperwork

The SyncBack enables users to maintain backup copies of their files and folders or to synchronise them, so that both locations always have a total copy. As an example, a user can have a notebook and a desktop PC. In a work trip, he could be making and changing files on the notebook. When he returns from the trip, he’ll have SyncBackSE synchronise those changes with the desktop.

According to 2BrightSparks, the software offers numerous kinds of actions that allow users select how older and newer files are going to be processed, and which files should be excluded. Features include standard file comparison based mostly on the date and size, and optional MD5 checksum, that will detect even the smallest modifications to files. SyncBack also supports prepared projects, sophisticated FTP backup with encryption, zip compression of backups, and network login and simulation runs.

Though the SyncBack software is satisfactory for several users, corporations may wish to use SyncBackSE for its added features, the company recounted. For example, the Fast Backup option makes the software perform quicker on many general levels, for example directory scanning. SyncBackSE also uses a totally new and improved compression engine which is at least twice as quick, has better compression, and no boundaries on the dimensions of the Zip file or the amount of files in the Zip file.

A new FTP engine also improves performance and compatibility with FTP servers, and offers new features like MODEZ transfer compression. The safety of the commercial version in addition has been augmented using 256-bit AES encryption. SyncBackSE is also available in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Normal Chinese. My experience with SyncBackSE After the 1st backup which took quite some time to backup 15GB of info, the following incremental backup takes only seconds!

It searches for new and updated / modified files and copies it over to my backup drive. Why I selected SynBackSE? One word, fast! Unlike the famous prize winning Genie Backup, the incremental backup takes so long as the standard backup. The file scanning technology is kind of slow and I do not need that. This could be an extremely basic, simple to use and awfully fast backup software for both newbs and sophisticated users. Strongly recommended for folk who backs up information daily. Incredibly , this software is developed by Singaporeans!

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