IP Messenger is a light weight, less resource utilizing, extremely simple to use LAN messenger which is available for various platforms. No server set up hassle, nothing of that sort will trouble you. Configure it once and you are all set to use it without any hiccups.

There are options like lock which will let you know if the user you sent the message to has read your message. A message pops up and tells you when the recipient reads the message.

One feature I did not like about IPMsg is that when you have long conversations, the trial keeps on increasing, and the cursor does point to the last message instead points to the first message, which means that we’ll need to scroll all the way down to read the latest reply, or another easier way is to delete the quoted content everytime you reply.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this version and may be there is a newer version which addresses the issue I’m cribbing about.

There are some nice and cool features like file/folder transfer is really easy – drag and drop does the trick … again if you are sending multiple files at a time, the recepient cannot save all the files at one go. He has to save the files one at a time ! Limitation or was it my older version of IPMsg? :). Did I mention, the file or folder transfer is really quick. Better than mailing those 🙂 .. I haven’t read anything about the File size limitation though …

You can send messages to individual users, multi cast message to selected users or even broadcast the message to all users in your network.

RSA/Blowfish encryptions makes sure the files or folders you are sending across are secure. FQDN support available for Broadcast setup.

All in all, the simplest and most effective solution for IP Messaging between users within LAN.

Download IP Messenger.


  1. i am facing problem when i am sending file.
    it shows message on remote computer that “prepare for Transfer” and do not save the file.

  2. I am using IPmessenger in windows 7 and it works fine when my internet is not connected. I use static LAN ip but my internet ip address is dynamically allocated to me by my ISP. When I connect to interenet, the messenger takes into account my internet IP instead of taking my LAN ip. The result of this, I cant view any users connected on LAN.
    How can I fix the IP to the LAN ip so that I can use IPmsg even when I am connected to the internet?
    Please, any kind of help on this problem will be helpful…


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