I’ve previously covered a complete list of of free online alarm clocks.

I had written about OnlineClock.net, and did mention about some of the other cool features from OnlineClock like – stopclock, countdown timer, binary clock, space clock. But I missed one of the coolest feature from OnlineClock – Radio alarm clock – http://onlineclock.net/radio/.

List Of Free Online Alarm Clock Services

This really is an unique feature and I haven’t seen such a feature by any other online alarm site. You have a big list of Genre of Music to customize your alarm settings from : Alternative, classical, comedy, country, dance, funk, jazz, metal, pop, rap, RnB, Rock, soundtrack, Talk, Techno, 70s, 80s and World.

Choose what suits you best and get ready to wake up listening to your favorite Genre of music. OnlineClock.net are truly a class apart !


  1. I don’t get it.
    I tried to use the radio alarm clock, but the alarm is always this awful buzzer sound, not the radio station I preset. Is the clock radio just a clock where you can also listen to the radio? Or can you set it to wake you up with the radio station of your choice?

  2. I use alarmcocky.com and sleep.fm for my online alarms ( i need two). The last one wakes me to my weather forecast for the day.

  3. Wow, thank you so much, TechBuzz !

    We’re thrilled by your positive review of our web-based clock radio.

    Many thanks for your review – we truly appreciate it.




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