Zamzar is one of the best, free, online file conversion website. Zamzar supports conversion of various types of files : Documents, Images, Music, Video, CAD and Compressed formats.

You’ll need a lot of software installed on your system if you want to convert files into various formats. Installing various software that’ll do the conversion work like Zamzar is an overkill if your requirement is one time or if you do not use it often. Also, it is difficult to find free software for some of the format conversion.

Best, Free Online File Conversion Service

Select the file you want to convert in Step 1, choose the conversion file format in Step 2, enter the email address where you want to receive the converted file and click on convert. You’ll have to wait for specified time if you use the free serviceĀ  and the updates will be emailed to you.

Best feature of Zamzar is that it allows you to convert files without the need to download any software. There are four options – you can use free service (max file size of 100MB), Basic at $7 / month (max file size of 200 MB), Pro comes at $16 / month (max file size of 400 MB) and Business comes at $49 / month (File size limit of 1GB).

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Some of the file format conversions available at Zamzar are :

1> Convert .txt (text documents) to MP3

2> Convert .csv to .doc format



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