JBoss Application Server is the number one server in the world for building Java applications. The entire server was created by the developers’ community and it continues to grow in terms of features and facilities with the contribution from the network of users. Being Open Source software, the code is available for everybody and their contribution has made this server the ideal platform for building enterprise Java applications.

JBoss Application Server is a J2EE certified platform which provides the full range of J2EE 5 features. It also provides other enterprise functions such as persistence, caching and clustering. The server can be used for building web applications, windows applications and web portals. The server supports a web console for monitoring and configuration.

The installation of the server is very simple. The installment and deployment of a test file takes only about 10 minutes. The web archive file can be deployed into the server while the server is still running. The deployment has three options, namely, minimal, default and all. Choosing minimal settings allow you to configure the server for your particular needs which can reduce the start up time of the server.

JBoss Application Server has an integrated database engine which provides database support for the application. It also has support for other components such as JMS, JavaMail and Transactions.

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