PDFCreator is freely downloadable software which can be used to generate PDF files from any windows application. The software works as a printer driver which generates documents when connected to the Windows applications. The resultant document can be viewed by standard PDF readers available in the market.

PDFCreator is very versatile software. It can generate documents in multiple formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, PCX and PS. The security features of the application include encrypting the document and protecting them by using a password. There is an additional facility for digitally signing the documents also.

Other features include the facility to merge multiple files into one single PDF, emailing the generated files, tagging the file and folder names and creating files for archiving purposes. The application is supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7. PDF creators are supported by Terminal Server also.

PDF creator is open source software which is free even if you use the same for commercial applications. Apart from this you can also access the source code which increases your understanding of the software. You can also interact with the network of users who will help you to make better use of the software and also attend to your support requirements.

Download free pdf creator and converter.

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