Fame brings in unwanted headaches. The moment your website is famous, when it starts attracting tons of visitors, it also invariably will attract lots of spammers. As the owner / administrator of your blog, what should you concentrate on – fighting your spammers or improving your blog ? The obvious answer is improving your blog, and now you can do that without compromising your site to spammers as Aksimet is here !

All those who take great pleasure in wordpress, are sure to look for Akismet as it is an important part of wordpress. You need to be grateful to Akismet for you no longer need to worry about invaders to your blog through spam writings. Just add to your template and you will be surprised by the amount of spam Akismet has trapped.

It comes in the default plugin list of wordpress when you install wordpress, so you do not need to do anything extra. In case you deleted it by mistake without realizing it’s important, you can download Aksimet from here.

Happy aksimeting !


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