The Pocket Amp from Palmer Musical Instruments is good enough to lure you away from actually buying an amp, because once you get to use this pocket amp, chances are that you will not turn you head away. It is a box containing the pocket amp with a few picks of a weird fragrance. It comes with a detailed English manual mainly to bring users clarity in what they are using. This is because the Pocket Amp, made in Germany carries many an unknown word.

You are free to choose any mode to stimulate US, Britt and Tweed Amplifier sounds. The modes will give you the selection of Heavy, Crunch and Clean sounds. Even the position of the microphone stimulation off can be fixed at axis, center or classic settings. You can find all this on the upper part of the Pocket Amp along with a power LED, a ground switch and a foot switch.

Unlike other switches, the tiny head of this switch doesn’t click, so in all probability you may not even feel the heavy item turned on, unless you see the LED. It contains the XLR and line outs, AUX, headphones and DC 9V in. A great variety for such a tiny device! The entire mall box seems pretty strong and the covering seems ever-lasting. With a tough bottom, you can be assured that no slipping at any stage is happening. There is provision for a 9V battery.

To avoid any disturbance from monitor speakers, they need to be set very carefully as it is quite time consuming setting up the sounds but not an impossible feat. At $95[65 euros] it is quite a bargain! It enables you to play your guitar anywhere, especially while traveling or practicing. And it saves space too! But like any other device, this too has its own merits and de-merits.

If being small, strong, great sound and a lot of outputs can be the merits, the foot switch not working, a huge fall in the signal when changing from clean and distorted modes can be the drawbacks. But all in all it has proved to be a great partner for guitarists. The head phones and XLR outputs allow for easy practice at home and elsewhere, something that can be done without having to carry the heavier one around.

Its Aux stereo input keeps you tuned to your favourite songs and practice on the difficult notes. The battery and mains a 9V DC adaptor can be obtained from Palmer. It gets its power supply in a 9V DC> 50mA, regulated and is connected to a 5.0×2.1 mm barrel style connecter [center negative-]. It draws a current of 30m.


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