Eraser is one of the most advanced tools which give users the ease of completely deleting the data from their hard drive. Sensitive data like, passwords, personal details, financial records, classified documents, billings, chat archives et al, which you do not want to share with your peers and colleagues can be permanently removed via Eraser.

Eraser helps you eliminate the above discussed sensitive information by consistently re-writing on your hard drive with selective patterns. This tool is well compatible with Windows 98, NT, ME, Vista Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and XP. When you delete the files to remove the data from your computer, you are only successful at removing the reference of the file from the system. The previous file still exists on the hard drive until another file is re-written on it. In fact, before re-writing, this file can be easily accessed by any user.

Therefore, Eraser has been specially designed to cater people’s need for removing unwanted files permanently from the system. With its easy-to-access interface and intuitive design you can safely remove your files easily forever. One of the advantages that make Eraser’s use extremely feasible is its compatibility with every drive that is supported by Windows.

This tool ensures absolute deletion of files and their previous counterparts. It also conveniently works well with customizable scheduler. With Eraser you get assured of the elimination of encrypted files, compressed files, windows temporary files, internet cache, paging file, network files, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, Floppy disks, internet cookies and drives as well.

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