Bit Blinder To Help Anonymous Downloading

Nowadays, browsing internet without precautions results in many complications. To protect we just tend to install antivirus. Yes, it is a good option but on huge network protecting the IP address is a huge concern too.

Most of the individuals have downloaded torrent files using various bit torrent clients to protect their IP address but still they are exposed to everyone.

Every single torrent client displays IP addresses as either peer or seeder. A new trick will conceal computer’s codes while downloading the torrent files and display them as anonymous.

Bit Blinder is open-source application which encodes IP addresses and links to the torrent-tracker. All the torrent packages are guided through a secure link with no other alternate option of exposing your computer codes from peer or seeder list.

Bit Blinder is a secure path provider that encodes every activity as unknown torrent downloading device “TOR-Networking” to commence file transfer process amid all the torrent groups.

This helps in downloading torrent files as an unknown IP, and a network browser gets permit to browse websites as an anonymous surfer.

An individual is required to get an account registered, and then move ahead to download Bit Blinder, and on sign up, Bit Blinder offers 9 Giga Byte free Download Limit.


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