A number of developers are being attracted to Apple yet again for Apple has now widened its developers suggestion routes. A latest mobile application, a Bit Torrent app the IS drive, has made a place in the Apple store. User to circulate great number of data, the Bit Torrent does file sharing basically among the peer group. The great news is that Apple who has earlier disregarded the Bit Torrent because they felt that the application was utilized for infringing third part rights, have now given the green signal for Bit Torrent.

Users of Image Shack are able to download torrent services to hold onto as well as add torrent downloads. It could be obtained from the Cydia Store mainly for Jailbreak iPhones in the name of Jack Torrents. In order to be able to use the app, priced at $4.99, users have to subscribe to Image Shack’s torrent download service. In spite of Image Shack’s torrent download service still functioning in Beta, it is still going great. Once the download is complete, you can download the files through http onto your PC and this is for free!

But remember it comes attached with certain specifications. For example, you can download for a limited 15GB a month and the storage is also restricted to 15GB. It has a promising future no doubt, especially when ISPs have limited torrent traffic characteristics. It supports selective downloading that enables you to deselect files if you do not find the need to download. This can be very useful, when your requirement is one single album out of a whole discography.

It also brings some basic details regarding the progress of the downloads. It is ImageShack’s torrent service better known as Torrent Drive/ImageShack Drive, that permits server side torrent downloads through a web based interface. Torrents can be downloaded and instantly seeded by ImageShack servers, which can be maintained for 30 days. On completion a HTTP download link is provided.

[ Download IS Drive from iTunes: Download Link ]


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