Blocking Pop-Up Ads While Using Firefox

An efficient and very instructive way of promotion is advertising. By reviewing the advertisements and, users are able to get information about the useful product particulars, although there are significant commercial constituents in it. Lots of unwanted marketing messages will be delivered to you when you are browsing the internet. You can take the advantage of online advertising media, for example, banner ads, email marketing, online classified advertising, and many more.

In spite of providing users on product briefs as well as services details, but in most of the cases online ads which keep coming out can be very much annoying and troublesome. If you want to stop those pop-ups as you are sick and tired of them, you can try some settings mentioned below that will help you to reduce the random pop-ups of ads, and will set your default browser as Mozilla Firefox.

Like the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox is able to block pop-up windows and the automatic image loading. In the default condition, the browser will block all pop-ups, enabled Java/JavaScript run and load images. If in case somebody has changed your settings, then go back to the menu bar, then select Tools->Options->Contents Tab. After that check the options “Block Pop-up windows” and “Load images automatically”.

Besides using image blocks and built-in pop-up block, the users can utilize some of the useful plug-ins of Mozilla Firefox in order to block those unwanted ads. Flashblock is one of the extensions that are handy and the users can try it. Firefox and the Netscape browsers are supported by Flashblock. It will block all flash content before loading.

It will not only block commercial ads from coming out of the flash content but also indirectly cut down computer resource consumption thus making the system more efficient. Users who desire to give Flashblock a try can download it. There is another quite similar Firefox extension which is known as Flashkiller.

Adblock Plus – another useful extension which will block ads as well as banners present in the internet. After it had been installed by the users, then they have to point the mouse on the banner, then right click it and choose the option “Adblock” from the menu context. This will prevent the banners of loading. Users can go for a filter subscription that comes as a combination with the Adblock Plus.

Filter subscription will give you the benefit of letting download filters form a particular location on the internet. These filters remain stored in separate groups and cannot interfere with those filters that are defined by the users automatically. After subscription of the filter you can block most of the advertisements completely.

Blocking of banner ads can be done with Adblock Plus and it will be replaced by blank space. If you have blank spots in those places where the ads were placed can give a dull look. You can get Add-Art installed which will fill the blank spaces with nice contemporary images of art.


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