Blocking/ Unblocking Websites From Personal Computer

Ever tried of blocking few websites from your PC? Certain companies restrict people from browsing few websites, allowing all to browse only a set of other websites. Now this feature can be utilized even from a personal computer. One can enable blocking/ unblocking websites option from a PC. This feature gives one complete control from browsing only a few listed websites.

Steps to follow for Blocking /Unblocking Websites:

If a user wishes to block a website called “”, a site loaded with Bollywood actress’s photos.

Following the below steps sequentially fulfills the very purpose:

  • Open C:\ drive if this happens to be drive on which Operating system is installed, else change accordingly.
  • Browse Windows folder, and locate a folder named “System32“.
  • Locate a folder called “drivers” and open “etc” folder.
  • Just check for your path which as to be C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Within folder “etc“, search for a file referred as “hosts
  • Now open this “hosts” file using any of the text editors like wordpad, notepad, or crimson editor.
  • Navigate and locate at the end, a line containing Localhost.
  • below this line add
  • Save this file & exit.
  • This completes the blocking of

Here on, no person can access the blocked site For Unblocking the same site, all one has to make few changes in the “hosts” file. Just undo or delete a line After applying the changes, one can access this website from your personal computer.


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