I got a scrap from a friend on Orkut today. It was quite unusual, as this particular friend had not left a scrap in ages.

Just checked my email in GMail and the message said Bom Sabado! ( do you know what Bom Sabado means ? If you don’t read this post)

I was not sure what it meant. The message was neither in English, nor in my mother tongue, and being suspicious I googled around and found that it indeed is a worm (it’s not a virus, no losses have been mentioned from it yet) that is spreading through out Orkut.

Tanmoy Talukdar has left a solution on how to solve this problem at Techie-Buzz.

For everyone whose orkut account has been affected with the ‘bom sabado’ worm ….

The worm injects a hidden iframe containing a malicious javascript http://tptools.org/worm.js [do not click this], which steals the user cookie which contains the password in an encoded form. So the attacker do not get to know your plaintext password but can login using your credentials by impersonating using the cookie to fool the identification system. So a trivial solution is to diable javascript, another solution is to disable iframes or u can take an advanced measure by blocking the domain http://tptools.org/ by editing your hosts file and redirecting it to a safe address, say

go to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
There is a file named ‘hosts’. By default it is read-only. Go to it properties and uncheck the tickmark beside read-only
edit it with you favourite editor.

add this line at the end of it tptools.org

save it. and then restart your network interface. ( in simple words, just reconnect your interner connection ) and bingo!! the worm’ll be useless.

Hope this message is really helpful and saves you from Bom Sabado!


  1. these things will be useful..i jus found out from techie-buzz.com
    thank you.. :):D
    * Switch to the “older version” of Orkut.
    * Log out of Orkut.
    * Clean your browser’s cache
    and cookies.
    * Log in and change your password and security

  2. Bt in my properties..,there is no tick mark for read-only…Even though i got the scrap ‘bom sabodo’ 🙁
    is there any problem with this..please suggest me… 🙁


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