Bookmark Your Favorite Web Page Into Bookmarks Folder In Firefox 3 Using The “Star” Button On The Location Bar

Mozilla Firefox version 3 has come up with a lot of improvements in terms of security, speed and enhanced features. Along with lightening fast performance and smart location bar, Firefox 3 features one-click bookmarking. The Location Address Bar in Firefox 3 has a “star” at the end to enable users to bookmark the current page instantly with a single click.

The moment a user clicks onto the “star” button, the current page quickly gets saved into the bookmarks under the “Unsorted Bookmarks” category. Firefox 3 does not display any confirmation pop-up box.

Even though this offers quick bookmarking, it has a drawback. You are no more able to put a bookmark straight away into the Bookmark’s root hierarchy. Using the bookmarks editor to move the bookmark to the appropriate folder is quite time consuming and doing this totally crushes the purpose of bookmark shortcut feature.

It is almost impossible that you place a bookmark straight away into the Firefox 3 Bookmark’s nested sub-folder by just clicking onto the “star” placed at the end of the Address Bar.

However, you can make Firefox 3 display a dialog box with options for altering location (folder), bookmark name and associated tags by double-clicking on the Location bar’s “star” button. By doing this, you will be able to name your bookmark, edit tags, choose an intended bookmark folder or even remove the bookmarked link from the bookmarks using the quick drop-down menu.

As another option, you may also press keyboard accelerator “Ctrl-D” or in the Firefox 3 menu, click on “Bookmarks” and select the option “Bookmark This Page” in order to get the same dialog box so as to customize bookmark name, intended bookmark folder and tags.

You may also bookmark a link by using Bookmarks sidebar. To access the Bookmarks sidebar, just press “Ctrl-B” or in the Firefox 3 menu, click on “View”, go to “Sidebar” and select “Bookmarks”. Now simply drag and drop your favorite link from the location bar to the intended folder.


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