It is quite common for any new device to be affected by bugs and this product is no exception. Users notified the company about the bugs and the Company in turn took up the task well. It has now published an update which looks like it has got rid of all the bugs through its release of the first firmware update carrying built # The Boxee carries out its routine checks for updates automatically, although it can be done manually too.

Some time back, when Boxee Box was introduced by D-Link, it had not been sure of the response it would get. It has brought out a ‘soup to nuts’ solution for web related content from Netflix, YouTube, CBS and ABS together with streams from NAS devices USB drives. It had vouched to act as the center for media playback. While this update is being launched, news is already out that the Company is working on future updates too, proving that Boxee is indeed determined and dedicated company aimed at its customer’s best.


  • Black screens in web browser when playing back 1080: content.
  • HD .avi content low frame rate.
  • While playing no video was noticed for files with .m4h content.
  • .rar files with subtitles could not be opened.
  • Dropout of audio from flash videos in certain online videos.
  • Inconsistency in MPEG1 video playback.
  • While playing HD audio problems of buffering.
  • BluRay playback issues.

Listed below are a few instances which could be fixed in the latest update:-WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY ISSUES:-

  • -Display levels of wireless signals.
  • -No support for some WiFi encryption schemes.
  • -WiFi did not accept $ sign in passwords.
  • -Wrong passwords resulted in wrong messages.


  • On Non-Secure network shares repeated requests for credentials.
  • Inability to access network share through Windows Live on Windows 7 platform.
  • Intermittent crashes.
  • Repeated disconnects of network shares from MacOSX.
  • Pompt for user name and passwords when assessing different shared folders-a real pain.


  • Empty screen appeared when filtering shows by channels >TED,Engadget, when Geo lock is enabled.
  • Faulty DNS configuration when using VPN causing a Boxee network disconnect.
  • Not returning to the selected item library screens after item selection.
  • Leave/stay prompt shows up multiple times for some online content.
  • Searching for applications with spaces in their titles [i.e, funny or die] doesn’t show the application in the results.
  • When creating a new user, username text box is not visible, when the email contains the word’boxee’.
  • Repositories screen buttons activation and adding toggle state is wrong.
  • Web browser screen size was wrong, not compensating for over scan.
  • ‘Resume from’ does not always show.
  • Browser loading progress bar does not always set up correctly.
  • Boxee weather application doesn’t use the Temperature Scale Configuration at Settings > general > Location.
  • Sian fonts display in the browser.
  • ‘Friends feed’ from Facebook is not ordered correctly.
  • TV OSD does not always work.
  • Browser loading progress bar does not go in certain cases.


  • Support .mkv with header compression.
  • Support switching from PC black level to video black level.
  • Default over scan is now 3% on all borders.
  • Add a global subtitles toggle, set to off by default.
  • Support for showing the last letter typed in password fields.
  • Support local thumbnails:
  • Enable external subtitles for BluRay and DVD ISO/folders.
  • User selectable sideshow for the screens.


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