Train, Tune And Optimize Your Brain’s Working Capacity For Free With Lumosity

Using the concept of Neuroplasticity, neuro-scientists have come up with a program that is sepcifically designed you brains fitness levels by improving memory, attention capacity, concentration span and processing speed.

Brain Fitness Workout Training Luminosity Free Torrent

You get a play a series of games and a few exercises at Lumosity, that will not only train your brain but help your brains reasoning power and fitness.

According to a survey, human brain starts to slow down at the age of 30. With Lumosity – a brain training program, you can revitalize your brain cells and keep yourself young in the head.

Once you login, you’ll find a series of programs which you can take, whenever you want, and start working out. Each workout is strategically timed not to take too much of your time, taking around 10 -15 minutes. They also have smart algorithm built which will analyze your brains performance depending on the results from the tests you can take. You get a detailed chart marking your areas improvement and brain performance index.

If you are interested you can try their Free two-week trial and see how it goes for you. If you like the trial then you can avail their monthly service at just $9.95 / month.

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  1. Hey i wanted to know if there is anyway to get all of the lumosity games for free without having to subscribe and paying.

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