Brilliant Utility Supports Unplugging Of USB Thumb Drive

It is a common panorama that after completion of work we tend to forget detaching the USB thumb drive from computer.

What if we had a reminder to let us know about detaching USB? It may prevent the possible threats of files being exposed while utilizing them on public computers.

Substantially, now there is a software utility has been launched named as USB Stick-Watcher. No more to worry about the detachment of USB thumb drive.

USB-Stick-Watcher is extensively effective software package, as an individual can set a routine of reminders on it within a period of 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on their duration of work on USB.

This reminder messages are editable and will remind at sorted time separations until the USB Thumb Drive is detached.

Particularly this will act as a great support for those who frequently do file transfer on shared public computers, as they might tend to forget and leave important data behind.

However, it seems to have one disadvantage as it is necessary to be installed prior to its functionality. It would have been better if the software was functional with in the USB Thumb drive and functions automatically, but still it’s a brilliant utility.

Individuals can download the software here and try out the freeware to enjoy its long last support.


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