Is Google’s Chrome browser competing with Internet Explorer and Firefox ? Browser war: Which is the most preferred browser : Chrome / Internet Explorer or Firefox ?

Web browser you use is very crucial as that’s your gateway to chat, mail, search, shop, bank, read news and watch videos online. The browser war was always dominated by Internet Explorer for a real long time, though it is not the only best browser available, their marketing strategy had kept it ahead in the race so long. But, the statistics today has a different story to tell all together.

The browsers domain is saturated, with some of the best companies fighting for every bit of market share. The latest addition in the browsers section is Google’s Chrome.

Google introduced Google chrome browser with many advanced features like:

  • Google chrome is designed such that it is quick to start up with our computer.
  • It  is simple and clear.
  • Chrome is designed to include greater efficiency and ease of use.
  • It is more secure on the web as it has built-in protection.
  • The soul moto is to provide enjoyable browsing experience.

As Internet Explorer and Firefox were the leading web browsers when Chrome was released and to compete with them Google released an open source web browser engine Chromium. You can download Chromium code from here.

A web browser should provide good platform to the users and user friendly to get on with their things.

Keeping all these requirements in view Google launched Chrome with a more powerful JavaScript engine. It has additional “isolated” tabs feature to avoid collapse between browsers.

Google Chrome is built to add more value for users, to help them with viewing web information, related search, purchasing things and to work online.

What is the story behind Chrome ? Watch this video :

So who is the leader at this point ? Who won the race ? Which browser is better ? Guess this picture gives you basic insight to the above questions:

The statistics in the image above points out that Firefox is winner by a margin, with IE 8.0 almost catching up with it, and Google Chrome too has a significant chunk. If you consider all the versions of Internet Explorer, then IE wins by a margin, however, the popularity of Chrome has significantly increased in the recent past and it is a very tough competitor considering the time it has been available for.

We have to wait and see when it takes over the market, if at all it does !


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