Browsing Websites Through The Proxy Server On Firefox

To protect your identity securely and not being revealed on the network, one can use proxy settings to surf all the websites. A user feels secure as no personal information such as IP address, Operating system, Browser details are not used, since a proxy website will do all the above for you.

Another advantage is that a user can access any blocked website on their personal computer. Even if the administrator or Internet service provider has blocked them. To configure a browser to start using a proxy for browsing websites are provided below:

Steps to follow to browse websites by using proxy from Firefox

  • To utilize proxy, a user needs to possess IP address of a Proxy Server. If you are not aware about the IP addresses, then Google to locate Proxy Server’s IP address.
  • After obtaining the proxy IP addresses, initiate the configuration process. You are to configure Firefox so that websites can be accessed through the proxy server instead of using your own IP provided by Internet service provider. Now browse to tools, select options choose advanced and select network settings option.
  • Click the radio button pointing to manual proxy configuration to initiate the process.
  • Type in the IP addresses of the Proxy Server provided in http proxy area, and you’ll also have to enter the associated port number beside the address.

  • Now save the changes made in the connection settings window and restart the browser i.e. Firefox.
  • This completes proxy settings. Now you access any website using proxy.

Now you have learnt how to configure a proxy server and access any website from Firefox browser. If you wish to use the IP provided by the ISP by resetting the proxy settings, then just follow the steps provided above and click the no proxy choice in the step 4.


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