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How to bulk upload photos to Facebook in Windows

How to bulk download photos from facebook in windows

Today lets look at iPhoto, an application that adds bulk upload photos to Facebook feature to MAC OS X 10.4 or later versions.

Bulk Upload Photos To FaceBook Using Mac iPhoto Plugin

1> iPhoto installer package can be downloaded from here. Once you’ve downloaded and installed iPhoto, open iPhoto and you’ll find a tab ‘Facebook‘ in it’s export panel.

2> Select a photo or a complete album which you wish to export (you have a preview option), and click on the “Facebook” tab. The photos will be previewed here.

3> Now select the album in which you want these photos going in. You can create new albums too.

4> IPhoto supports features like adding captions and tagging friends.

5> When you are done with adding caption and tagging friends, click on Export tab and all your photos are exported to Facebook. They’ll be marked pending, you’ll have to login to your Facebook account and review them before they are visible.

[ Download iPhoto ]


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