If you are looking for a solution to convert scanned documents to pdf, text or a vCard then use scanR. Where ever you are, either on road or at home, you can now make digital copy of just about anything instantly using ScanR.

You’ll either need a camera or a Cell phone with camera to avail this service. It’s very easy to use ScanR.

How To Scan Documents And Convert Them To PDF, Text Of VCard and Fax Them

The way it works is:

1> You take an image or picture of documents, books, business cards, notes, whiteboards or even hand written documents and save it on your system. You can take the image/picture using a camera or cell phone. Make sure the camera is atleast 2-megapixel so that the quality of the images are good enough, so that the images can be converted to good quality PDF.

Try ScanR to check if your camera or cell phone’s resolution is capable of producing high quality pictures.

2> Upload the image to ScanR and ScanR will use it’s advanced imaging technology to to convert the uploaded image to digital format.

You can use ScanR to fax the converted document, text or VCard. ScanR is all set to replace the traditional scanners and photocopying images. And moreover the mobility it offers makes it a must have service.

Not sure yet whether scanR meets your needs? Your first upload and fax are free! So, you can get started with scanning now!

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