I remember the days when I first tried home recording, it was difficult as hell to find the right instruments. I started with the normal speakers, and you’ll surely know the quality of output, which was nothing close to satisfactory. My recording would sound good on headphones, but when I played the same on speakers, the quality was equalized.

I researched online, trying to find ways I could improve the quality of my recordings. That’s when I came across something called as recording monitors. I had to buy one of the good quality recording monitors if I had to improve the quality of my recording. Once I knew how I could improve the recording quality, the next biggest question was where could I buy the music recording monitors in Bangalore !

Indian market is still in nascent when it  comes to Music / Recording Software / Hardware. Finding a reliable person who can deliver the instruments, at the right price, with support is quite difficult. However, I was lucky to find the right guy.

I’m sure a lot of newbies / professional musicians still do not have the right channel to get their hands on musical instruments / gadgets, and hence the thought of establishing that link came in.

We provide all kind of music recording equipments, from monitors to audio devices, from microphones to mixers. To name some of the brands we can provide you with :

1> Sanyo Pedal Juice
2> Ultimate Ears
3> Future Sonics
4> Sensaphonics
5> Etymotic
6> Shrue
7> Future Sonics
8> LiveWires
9> Ultimate Ears, etc,.

All you need to do is, call up the concerned person and discuss what you are looking for, and he’ll guide you with the rest.

Contact person: Nadeem Ulla Khan

Ph No: 09741288533


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