Cuban Government has surprised the developers of ‘Call of Duty’ with regards to theirs latest single shooter game’s most recent version ‘Black Ops’. In spite of the fact that the game has won over many a heart, with a record sales of 5.6 million copies within one day, yet they seem to have incurred the wrath of the Govt, who has specifically expressed their displeasure about the game because the game’s initial plan and story is all about a mission of secret operations to kill the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

It has angered the Govt to such an extent that it has curtly expressed it through their official website Cubadebate (the post is in Cuban, you’ll have to use Google translator (link) to understand, unless you know Cuban :)). It says that the US Govt is aiming at its goal through video games by supplying players with war weapons in the military missions on the land of Cuba. The very first mission asks the players to assassinate Castor, which goes back to the John F Kennedy rule. Further, the game also supports violence naming the game ‘doubly perverse’ and also supports anti-social behaviour in the American teenagers who happen to form a majority of the people playing this game.

Although it is true that the game can bring about some violence in the behaviour, it is not yet proved that it has turned the youngsters into anti-social elements. It is considered an M-rated video game set in Cuba, the Soviet Union and Vietnam and is a very unrealistic cold war game where the players match up with the Bay of Pigs invasion in order to succeed in their bloody mission of killing young Fidel Castro.

The Cuban authorities feel that the Americans are trying to live out their fantasies of assassinating Castro through their video games. They also express that the US is trying to achieve what they could not do for in the past fifty years. All this was brought out by their official website Cubadebate. The mission in the game is set to takes place with John F Kennedy in the white house at the time of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which also gave rise to the nuclear Armageddon.



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