Google Gear: Check your Gmail without connecting to Internet

It is clearly evident that Google has not been showing any signs of slowing down, in spite of their domination in the World Wide Web. They have also ventured into various new arenas and have even managed to push the leaders from the top spots. Now they have come up with another new product which is going to leave you pleasantly astounded.

Google Gear is the most brilliant software application that you might have come across. It could help you to access your Gmail account even without having to stay connected to the internet. Yes, you heard it right.

Gmail Lab:

Though there is no difference among Gear, Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, but Gear has got some uniqueness in it. It might only be a beta edition, but it is so promising that it will definitely turn out to be the best, down the line.

Now let us check out what to do and how to do it.
1. You have to enable the Offline mode from settings.
2. Download and install Gears. That’s it.

Reason for the product to be promising and best:

1. No doubt, it is of course a Google product. They never fail to astonish the internet users

2. Among all other emails, Gmail is the popular

3. Microsoft Outlook seems to be retiring because of too many bugs


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