Adding Google Analytics to blogger blogs

Let us see how we can add Google analytics in your blogger blogs. First you have to make Google analytics account so as to track the statistics of your blogspot through Google Analytics. Registration is completely free.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Once the account is created for Google Analytics then log in.
  2. There will a option called Add Website Profile, click on it.
  3. For a new domain select add a profile.
  4. Fill up with your local timezone and blog’s URL.
  5. To finish the process and continue click on Finish.
  6. You will get a code which you have to add it in your blog. Press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy the whole code.

Let us see how to add the code in the blog:

  1. Open your blogger account and sign in.
  2. Go to layout and click on Edit HTML
  3. The last row of your template will contain the code </body>
  4. Above the code </body>, press CTRL+V, to paste the copied code.
  5. Once you save the template your work is done.

Now there are some limitations or problems that may occur. Let us find out what troubleshooting can we face:

  1. Once you have successfully entered the code of Google Analytics, you’ll have completed that step. You can then can get back to your profile and click Finish.
  2. It will start working just as you want it, if you did everything right.
  3. Now in your Google analytics account if you can’t see the statistics of your site, then do some cross checking as mentioned below:
    • Make sure you have provided correct URL.
    • Make sure that you haven’t missed out any analytic code to copy.
    • You could check if you have pasted the code just above </body> tag?
  4. Rechecking the above problems will surely solve everything.


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