Clear the history of your browser

Whenever you browse through any WebPages, the URL of that website gets saved in the web browser history automatically. Now the history can be accessed by any other user in your computer and that can be a threat to your privacy. Always clear the history of your web browsers. If you use Firefox, then you can clear your recently closed tabs history, and if you use Safari you can clear specific history, and all you IE 7 and IE 8 fans – here’s tip to clear history(if you are using IEHistory, then anyone can trace what websites you’ve surfed). Now to do it you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Steps to remove all the history from your Internet Explorer:
    1. Click on tools and then chose Internet Options.
    2. Select the General tab
    3. You will find an option called Clear history and click on it.
    4. That’s all you got to do.
  • Steps to remove all the history from your Mozilla Firefox browser:
    1. Like before, select Tools, and then click on Option
    2. Select the Privacy Tab
    3. You will find and option called Clear Now, and click on it.
    4. Your work is done.
  • Steps to remove all the history from your Google Chrome browser:
    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on the option called Clear browsing data
    3. Then you have tick the Clear history.
    4. Select clear browsing data
    5. You work is over.

Make sure you keep it clean and clear, regularly.


  1. IE users might want to also note the InPrivate browsing feature that allows you to surf without leaving a trace. Just press Ctrl + Shift + P and your browser will go into InPrivate mode, not recording any history.

    IE Outreach Team


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