How to clear search history data from the Safari web Browser

All of the browsers that we use store details about the sites we have visited, the forms we have filled out, and the searches that we have made during our web surfing. However, for a number of reasons, you might want to delete all these details – particularly if you are up to some private work and are using a shared computer. In the case of Apple’s Safari web browser, you can delete all of the search details and the forms that you have filled with the following steps.

  1. Open Safari web browser.
  2. Navigate to Safari -> Preferences from the main window. A Preferences dialog will pop up.
  3. Go to the Autofill tab.
  4. Click on the Edit button right next to Other forms.
  5. A small pop up will show a list of websites that are being tracked by the browser and what you enter in the search fields of those websites. If you want, you can selectively pick out certain sites from this list and then click on Remove. Otherwise, you want to erase the entire list – then simply click on Remove All.
  6. Click on Done.

Another step that you can take is that you can empty the cache of cookies and other details your browser is storing regarding your web surfing activities. For this simply do the following:

  1. Navigate to Safari -> Clear Cache.
  2. A warning pops up asking you: Are you sure you want to empty the cache? Simply click on Empty, and wait for the browser to carry out the action.

One more point is to remove the search history from the default search field of the Safari browser (the one that is to the top-right of the browser. Without doing any of the previous actions, you can simply click on the search field there, and press the down arrow. A list of the recent searches crops up. In this list, the bottom-most option is Clear Recent Searches. Click on it – and all details of your recent searches is removed from this particular field.


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